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Halloween Pictures!

Cherry, Lan, and Briar decided they wanted to join in on the Halloween fun, so enjoy their costumes and little sets!

Cherry went very Disney with her Frozen-inspired dress and a tiny pumpkin from our garden.

Lan is a little witch and every witch needs a familiar.

Briar wanted to enjoy some sumptuous Middle Eastern furniture and costume!
Recent posts

Knit MSD Dress

I developed a pattern for this MSD-size doll dress a bit ago, but I needed the yarn I'd originally used for another project, so I set to knitting a new dress for Lan to keep.

I really love how fitted it is and how it hugs her curves.

The pattern has the cables both front and back. I think I will be offering this pattern for sale in some fashion in the future.

Sulky Dolls

Rania is sulking at me for not playing with her for so long. I'm sorry, I'm working on a secret project! I have to work! Don't be mad...

Links to My BJD Craft Projects

I have knit a few items, so I decided to link to all of the craft pages on my other blog that I made of these items. Enjoy!

My First Sweater

Rania's Sweater

Doll Hoodie

Purple Pukifee Doll Sweater

Lan's V-Neck Sweater

Lan's Summer Dress (Personal Pattern)

Scythe's Sweater

Doll Blouse

Aithne's Capelet (Personal Pattern)

Flouncey BJD Coat

Lan's Capelet Remade (Personal Pattern)

New Pages!

I have recently updated (as necessary) and added new pages to the sidebar to accurately represent all of my dolls. Some may become updated as well over time, especially as Wes gains clothes, lol.

So, check those out!

Lan's New Outfit

I got some new clothes for Lan!

I love her new sweater and silver pants.

Hallween Doll Party 2015

Last Halloween I attended a lovely doll meet with my local people and we had an all around great time with snacks, karaoke, and lots of BJDs! Enjoy the pictures!