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Purple Pukifee Doll Sweater

This is part of a trade for Rosslyn.

I found this pattern on Ravelry.

I wasn't sure which of her dolls would get it, but Selby claimed this one.

Selby got the first sweater I ever knitted as well. I shouldn't have been surprised.

Back shot!

And the completed outfit!


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Because I Promised

Rosslyn wanted me to post these for her. They are of her Iplehouse EID Akando, Donovan. He needed some shots of his tattoos and body hair and blushing...and my camera was handy. So here he is, looking very sexy! Enjoy!

Khorae's Mods! (Warning: Nude Doll)

Khorae is finally complete and put together! I've had her home, but was waiting on the pictures Rosslyn took of her before and after so I could have a detailed post for you all!

Now, we begin with the modwork. To begin with, we posed her as she was before, posing as best she could. She could not even sit properly. This is as far up as she could sit and would fall backwards at the slightest provocation--or lack thereof.

The pic below illustrates how far forward she could sit before the mods. Thew torso joint has no lock and the position is awkward.

Her face had it's own share of issues. The faceup itself was too painted on looking and now Rosslyn felt she could do much better and make the face more natural. Also, Khorae's eyelashes had gotten very crumpled and needed to be replaced.

I'd already had her nose filed down, as you can see in the next two pictures. She has a second head now, which is still in the process of getting it's eyes closed, ears pierced, and a mat…

Spirits of the Earth Doll Meet

I decided to post some pics from way back in October. Khorae is my only doll present at this meet, but the costumes were lovely and very intricate. There's a bit of a Halloween flare as well, given the time of year. I hope you enjoy!

And here is Khorae in her water spirit outfit. I had finished it in the car on the way there in fact, even the making of the jewelry she's wearing. I was quite proud of myself, too. It also happens to be one of the most suggestive outfits I've ever made.

Rosslyn's Kevya and Rowena. I don't remember all of the dolls so yeah, only Rosslyn's or mine will receive introductions in this post. There were perhaps 15-20 doll owners, with multiple dolls.

And here we have Rosslyn's Siofra on the back of the Souldoll Chiron making him supremely uncomfortable. I thought it was funny enough to warrant several pictures.

Rowena again. She deserves more attention than she gets. Her resin is very volatile, so she isn't photographed much.